Lately, I have been drawn to creating more simple compositions in my jewelry. When designing pieces with fewer materials and more simple, straightforward forms, I find myself focusing on the smaller aspects of the piece as a whole.

Here are a few pieces of my new silver/wood ring collection. The first ring is made of a simple arc with orthogonal sides. The face of the ring - a long, narrow rectangle - is pierced at opposite diagonal corners with silver tubing which extends ever so slightly past the face. The third ring is similar to the first, but in beech (instead of walnut) and without the extended tubing.

In the middle is a double-finger ring that has the same profile as the ring above, but repeated once. The silver tubing is flush at the face of the ring and from the profile view shown one silver arc is a bit larger than the other - meaning - the ring fits your hand a certain way :)

These rings are brand new and have just been shipped to Gallery 360 in Minneapolis.
Single rings are $30 and double rings are $36.

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